Post Surgery

April 23rd, 2019

Mood: Exhausted 😴

My surgeon was very pleased. I did very well and he got all of the cancer out. There is a pathologist in the operation room who tests the tumors and tissue so he can tell the surgeon if he got all of the cancer out.

They had a hard time waking me up but once I was awake I was really nauseous and my mouth was really dry. They had to keep giving me insulin to help regulate my blood sugar and to get my blood pressure and heart rate back to normal. Once I was in recovery I continued to have issues with being nauseous and disoriented. They almost admitted me for the night but they finally found a anti-nausea medicine that worked.

Today I am on pain meds and I have been sleeping on and off all day. Every time I sleep and wake up I have a headache and pain from the surgery sites. I also have 2 drains in that Matt empties and writes down the amount of blood/gunk that we collect each time. I ended up with a partial mastectomy but he cut in such a way that he will have a better plan in place for reconstruction surgery after chemo.

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