3rd Chemo Treatment

June 20th, 2019 Mood: Normal 🙂 I had my 3rd chemo treatment today. They had a problem with my port but after letting some liquid sit in the line for about 30 minutes they were finally able to start my treatment. I decided to be super brave and wear a wig to my treatment today....


Blood Tests

June 13th. 2019 Mood: Normal 🙂 Hi! I am still feeling good since my last treatment a week ago! I have had a little fatigue but nothing terrible. I went to my oncologists office this morning for bloodwork. A few things are low, mainly my white blood cell count so she suggested that I wash… Continue reading Blood Tests


Shaving My Head

June 9th, 2019 Mood: Sad 😭 My sweet, amazing husband shaved my head this morning. I knew it was time when I woke up because the hair on the back of my head was hurting. I don't know how else to describe it... I couldn't watch while he was shaving my head and I haven't… Continue reading Shaving My Head


More Hair Loss

June 8th, 2019 Mood: Sad 😢 Even more hair fell out today. I have a feeling that it won't be long now until I have Matt shave my head. This is heartbreaking to say the least, but it does mean the chemo is working, so I need to hold onto that! 😔



June 7th, 2019 Mood: Hopeful 😏 So true, but now I realize this more than ever....I told Matt tonight that it is time to make a list of the places we want to travel to, places we have never been; because we don't know what the future will hold and I want to see and… Continue reading Life

Making Memories

Larry & Midori Visit

June 4th, 2019 Mood: Excited 😄 My brother and sister-in-law are here to visit for a few days from Japan. I haven't seen them in about a year and a half, so I am super excited! Our first day out we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden which was awesome because Matt & I hadn't… Continue reading Larry & Midori Visit