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6 Radiation Treatments To Go!

Mood: Happy 😁

A week from Monday, January 27th, I will have my final radiation treatment and I will be ringing the bell! Unfortunately, I had one day this last week where I didn’t go in for treatment because the machine was down, so my final treatment day has been delayed by one day.

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Cure Magazine

Early on in my breast cancer journey I heard about a free magazine for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers called “cure.” I received my first issue around the time I had my 2nd chemo treatment in early June and I found this magazine to be so helpful in understanding more about cancer. Today I received this issue and I wish I had this early on….there is some great information in this issue for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

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Dogs & Cancer

My sweet, sun loving Brittany Spaniel, Bo! He is very sensitive and seems to know that I am sick and going through a lot. If I am hurting and say “owww” or start to cry, he is by my side in seconds, comforting me. He is a “bird dog”, with a nose built for finding and flushing birds while hunting. He comes up to me multiple times a day and smells the left side of my chest, where my tumors were located. It is amazing to me how he just knows and can smell that I am not well. I am so grateful for him as he watches over me when Matt isn’t home. 💕

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Mood: Curious 😏

My breast reconstruction surgery was two months ago today. My body is still working to either absorb or push out the sutures that are still in and I am still having occasional pain from my nerves re-firing, but I am feeling good overall about the healing process. My body has been working hard to heal me and it shows. As you can see, these pictures look very different from the ones that were taken a month ago.

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Radiation Treatment Updates

January 4th, 2020

I had my 10th radiation treatment yesterday….15 treatments to go! I am excited that the “treatment” part of my journey is almost over! I will have more to do once radiation is over but it should be easy in comparison. 💕

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