Surgery Date

April 2nd, 2019

Mood: Anxious 🙄

CT scan yesterday….MRI tomorrow….I should have all of the results back by this Friday. Crossing my fingers that they are both clear other than the cancer we already know about.

Good news! My surgery has finally been scheduled for Thursday, April 18th. I have never had major surgery in my life so I am terrified, but anxious to get it over with.

Oncologist & Surgery

March 25th, 2019

Mood: Hopeful 🙂

My Oncologist ordered a PET scan & MRI after we met with him last Friday. I will have both scans next week. My doctors need to see if there is any additional cancer in my body and brain. I am not having any symptoms that there is, but the results may dictate my treatment. He is basically saying right now that having chemo after surgery will be best to make sure that it is all gone.

The biopsy results came back, I was right, more cancer in my breast. My surgeon went over the plan for my surgery with Matt and I today. Luckily, the tumor that was biopsied last week is in a position that will make it so he will not have to change his plan for my surgery, other than removing a larger area. He also agreed with my oncologist that chemo would be best after surgery. Once my chemo is done he will do my reconstruction surgery, then radiation after that.

Such a long road….but necessary to give me the best chance of becoming and staying cancer free.


March 22nd, 2019

Mood: Scared 😥

My oncologist, Dr. Peacock, is very nice and explained a lot to us. As I said in a future entry, he feels that even though my cancer is hormone fed and chemo has proven to not be very effective, I should probably have it anyway.

I will end my treatment with radiation and I will have to take a prescription for 10 years to ensure by 75% that the cancer will not come back.

It is painfully clear that this will effect my life until the day I die. 😔

2nd Biopsy

March 20th, 2019

Mood: Frustrated 😕

The biopsy was pretty easy all things considered, but the recovery has been rough so far. I am badly bruised and in decent pain. I thought about taking pictures but it is just too horrific. It looks like my breast has been beat up as it is black and blue from the top to all the way underneath it.

The results should be in on Friday or so, but I am not stupid enough to think that the mass isn’t cancer…I am sure it is. 😔

Mammogram & Ultrasound

March 13th, 2019

Mood: Depressed 😥

I wish I had better news from my imaging appointment today. I ended up having a mammogram and an ultrasound because there is a “tail” coming from the tumor in my breast. I have to go through another biopsy next week so they can determine what that “tail” is. I understand that this biopsy needs to be done but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with this set back.

So, scheduling my surgery has been put off until next Friday or Saturday when the biopsy results come back. My surgeon said that the results could change my surgery from being straight forward to being much more difficult, changing the scope completely. I am praying that nothing will change but I have a terrible feeling that it will. 😔

My Treatment Plan

March 6th, 2019

Mood: Anxious 😧

We met with Dr. Schwartz today. He showed us what he will do during my surgery. He will make a larger cut than normal in my left breast, take the tumor out and lift my breast so it is more compact. He will also lift my right breast so that they are symmetrical and even in size. Lastly he will take the tumors out of my lymph nodes. It has been proven that chemo is not very effective on the type of cancer I have so it will not be necessary, but I will have 6 weeks of radiation once I have healed from my surgery which will take about a month.

After my mammogram next Wednesday I will go back to his office once he has reviewed the scans and we will schedule my surgery. He said that surgery should be the last week of March.

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