A Year Ago Today

Mood: Thoughtful 😔

A few pictures from a year ago today….I smile as I look at them because the Christmas party was so much fun, but I am also sad. Little did I know that I was already sick, that I most likely already had breast cancer and that I would find the first tumor in my breast during a self exam about a month later.

I was incredibly tired and hadn’t been feeling like myself at all. My husband and I went home to see my Dad for Christmas for a few days and I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got back home. One night after New Year’s, I was trying to explain how I was feeling to my husband, and it was so hard to describe. I eventually broke down and said “I think I am really sick but I don’t know what’s wrong, I am scared!” A few weeks later I found the first tumor…..

I am still doing self exams even while fighting breast cancer. My breast cancer is very aggressive so my Radiation Oncologist suggests that I continue to do self exams even while in treatment. I am doing self exams about once a week currently because I am paranoid, and with all that I have been through I have a right to be. I am of course also terrified that the cancer will come back but I don’t let those thoughts rule my life, I can’t.

I can’t stress enough to please, please make sure you do a self exam every month and that you have a mammogram every year…..it could save your life!

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