My Support System

Mood: Grateful 🙂 Every cancer patient needs a good support system. I am very blessed to have many different moving parts to mine, and I feel that it is time to give them credit in not only helping me through my journey, but also being a constant in my life since I had the difficult… Continue reading My Support System

Experiences, Memories

A Year Ago Today

Mood: Thoughtful 😔 A few pictures from a year ago today....I smile as I look at them because the Christmas party was so much fun, but I am also sad. Little did I know that I was already sick, that I most likely already had breast cancer and that I would find the first tumor… Continue reading A Year Ago Today


My First Few Radiation Treatments

Mood: Nervous 😞 My first radiation treatment was on the December 19th and it went well. My actual time on the table was about 15 minutes as they have a large area to treat. I don't feel anything during the treatment and much like during an MRI, I have to lay completely still. I don't… Continue reading My First Few Radiation Treatments

Experiences, Feelings

After Chemo Treatments Are Over

Mood: Depressed 😫 A few days after finishing chemo I started going through some fairly serious depression. I know that it doesn't make sense...why would I be so depressed?? I made it through one of the most difficult parts of my treatment, when so many patients don't for one reason or another, but I finished… Continue reading After Chemo Treatments Are Over


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Some people have asked me if I am done with my journey now that my chemotherapy treatments are over, and the answer is "No". I will not be done until I have been through my 3rd surgery, radiation and follow-up imaging showing that there is no sign of cancer anywhere in my body. With that… Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Saturday Fun

October 5th, 2019 Mood: Happy 😁 We had a busy but good day....weekly shopping, went to a local fair with a dear friend to watch a friend of ours sing, had an amazing dinner on the way home. A busy day fighting fatigue as I try to get stronger and as back to normal as… Continue reading Saturday Fun


Taxol #12

October 3rd, 2019 Mood: Excited 😄 My last Taxol treatment went well! Before my treatment I met with my oncologist and we had a great talk about how I have done and what my next steps are. All in all I navigated through my 16 chemo treatments very well. My side effects were minimal, mainly… Continue reading Taxol #12