Saturday Fun

October 5th, 2019 We had a busy but good day....weekly shopping, went to a local fair with a dear friend to watch a friend of ours sing, had an amazing dinner on the way home. A busy day fighting fatigue as I try to get stronger and as back to normal as I can before… Continue reading Saturday Fun


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Some people have asked me if I am done with my journey now that my chemotherapy treatments are over, and the answer is "No". I will not be done until I have been through my 3rd surgery, radiation and follow-up imaging showing that there is no sign of cancer anywhere in my body. With that… Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Taxol #12

October 3rd, 2019 Mood: Excited 😄 My last Taxol treatment went well! Before my treatment I met with my oncologist and we had a great talk about how I have done and what my next steps are. All in all I navigated through my 16 chemo treatments very well. My side effects were minimal, mainly… Continue reading Taxol #12

Making Memories

Rainy Saturday

August 24th, 2019 Mood: Relaxed 😊 Happy Saturday! It's a dark, rainy day today in GA but at least it's cooler! I am running errands with my husband as usual today. I have a few entries I am working on and I will post them this next week. Have a great day everyone! 💕


Sleeping pill didn’t work

August 23rd, 2019 Mood: Frustrated & Exhausted 😢 I was awake until about 6:30am as far as I know. After that Bo woke me up at about 7:30am, per usual and then I drifted on and off until my alarm went off. So, I got maybe 2 hours of sleep. I took my new med… Continue reading Sleeping pill didn’t work


Home from Taxol #6

August 22nd, 2019 Mood: Exhausted 😔 We are home from my Taxol #6 treatment! Before each treatment I am weighed, my blood pressure is checked, my temperature is taken and they take 2 vials of blood so they can get certain levels that they are watching to indicate how well I am doing during chemo.… Continue reading Home from Taxol #6


Taxol #6

August 22nd, 2019 Mood: Anxious 😕 Lunch with sweetie then over to the hospital for Taxol treatment #6 of 12....1/2 way done! I am anxious today due to the sleeping issues I have been going through on the night of my chemo. I am confident that my oncologist will prescribe something for me but due… Continue reading Taxol #6