May 30th, 2019

Mood: Hopeful 😌

I am still feeling good! I went to my oncologists office this morning for bloodwork. A few things are high and a few are low, but nothing to keep me there to see the nurse.

I am still not used to the short hair but I won’t have it for long after my treatment next week. There is no telling when my hair will start to fall out but it will, there is no avoiding it.


Dropping the Ball

April 16th, 2019

Mood: Stressed 😟

As if the last few days had not been stressful enough….

My surgery has been rescheduled to next Tuesday the 23rd. I don’t feel like going through all of the ridiculousness but basically someone was supposed to call me way before today to go over the medications that I currently take, with me.

It turns out that I am supposed to stop taking one of my medications 5 days before surgery. If I stopped today, I only would have been off of it for 3 days before my original surgery date….so yeah….I am disappointed that someone dropped the ball. I just want this surgery over with! 😔


PET Scan & MRI Results

April 5th, 2019

Mood: Relived 😌

I have wonderful news! My PET Scan & MRI came back clear of any additional cancer! My diagnosis is still serious, but at least we know now that I do not have any sign of metastatic disease. I will still have to go through chemo after my surgery on April 18th. My oncologist said that it is best to continue with our plan for chemo treatment because I am so young and healthy. The chemo, along with radiation which will be after my second surgery, and the medication for 10 years, will give me the best odds of the cancer not returning in the future.

We will know more after my first surgery, when the pathology comes back from the tumors that are being removed. Once those results are in I will be going back to see my oncologist on May 3rd to discuss chemo drugs and length of treatment.


Surgery Date

April 2nd, 2019

Mood: Anxious 🙄

CT scan yesterday….MRI tomorrow….I should have all of the results back by this Friday. Crossing my fingers that they are both clear other than the cancer we already know about.

Good news! My surgery has finally been scheduled for Thursday, April 18th. I have never had major surgery in my life so I am terrified, but anxious to get it over with.



February 15th, 2019

Mood: Stunned 😯

I went back to my doctor’s office to review the results of my scans.

“Highly suspicious of melanoma, ultrasound guided biopsy needed”….

When you get news like this you don’t hear anything that is said after that horrible word…melanoma. Luckily I had Matt with me so he listened to my doctor while I started to cry.

She gave me a referral for a Breast Cancer Specialist at Gwinnett Medical Center…this is becoming all too real. She told me she was sorry as she walked out of the room. What more could she say?

I cried when she left Matt and I alone in the exam room….I cried all the way to the car. I knew it was going to be cancer, it’s hard to explain how I knew, but I did. Maybe it was because I hadn’t felt “right” for months, since right after Thanksgiving. My energy level had plummeted, I kept getting sick and I didn’t know why. I am the type of person to take care of myself last so I didn’t do anything about it, I just thought I needed more rest…I was wrong.