Taxol #11

Mood: Accomplished 😁

I have been doing OK since my last treatment. As usual I am tired, weak and run down. No amount of sleep or rest is enough at this point. I am tired of being tired….

Treatment went well today and it was quicker than normal because my nurse didn’t see that I have been getting the steroids and Benadryl mixed in a bag and given to me over a 45 minute time period. Luckily I didn’t have reactions to getting the meds quicker so that was good and it shaved close to an hour off of my time in the chair.

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Breast Cancer & Chemotherapy….My Truth

What they say is true, from finding the first tumor during a self exam, to my diagnosis to finishing my entire treatment plan, undergoing multiple surgeries and getting a prescription for the drug that I will take for 10 years; an entire year will have gone by….for some patients it is far longer.

A year of heartache, struggle, crying, asking “why??”, good days and bad days, all of it starting with the words “you have breast cancer, more specifically, “invasive ductal carcinoma stage 2b.” A year of missing time with family and friends, a year of missing and changing plans that had been made in advance, a year of feeling and looking sick.

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Dixie Speedway

August 10th, 2019

Mood: Excited 😄

I have learned to enjoy the moments where I am feeling good and I have the energy to do things…..

So when my friend Jenn asked if I was feeling up to going to Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, GA to not only see most excellent dirt track racing but waterless boat races {yes, it’s a thing here in the south}, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

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