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Cure Magazine

Early on in my breast cancer journey I heard about a free magazine for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers called “cure.” I received my first issue around the time I had my 2nd chemo treatment in early June and I found this magazine to be so helpful in understanding more about cancer. Today I received this issue and I wish I had this early on….there is some great information in this issue for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

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Mood: Curious 😏

My breast reconstruction surgery was two months ago today. My body is still working to either absorb or push out the sutures that are still in and I am still having occasional pain from my nerves re-firing, but I am feeling good overall about the healing process. My body has been working hard to heal me and it shows. As you can see, these pictures look very different from the ones that were taken a month ago.

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My Support System

Mood: Grateful 🙂

Every cancer patient needs a good support system. I am very blessed to have many different moving parts to mine, and I feel that it is time to give them credit in not only helping me through my journey, but also being a constant in my life since I had the difficult task of telling them about my breast cancer.

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2nd Post Surgery Follow-up

December 11th, 2019

Mood: Apprehensive 😕

As usual with my appointments with my surgeon, everything went well today. I am healing well and although I have a few spots that are irritated and leaking a little bit of yellow gunk, it is not serious enough to prevent me from starting radiation treatment. Yay!!

He said that the irritation is coming from a few sutures that are not absorbing, nor releasing out of my body. In a few weeks or so, they will most likely drop out on their own. All of my other sutures are being absorbed as they should so that is good news.

I am going back to see him in another two months for another follow-up to check and make sure that the sutures have either been absorbed or dropped by then and to also check on how everything is looking. Most if not all of the swelling should be gone and my skin should be more evened out where he cut me.


November 20th, 2019

Mood: Excited 😊

My follow up appointment went well today. My surgeon removed my bandages and examined me to make sure that everything is healing well and that I don’t have any signs of infection. He put antibiotic ointment on all of the areas where he had cut me and then covered them back up with gauze. I go back to see him on December 9th for another follow up and in the meantime Matt and I are changing my bandages every day.

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