Cure Magazine

Early on in my breast cancer journey I heard about a free magazine for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers called "cure." I received my first issue around the time I had my 2nd chemo treatment in early June and I found this magazine to be so helpful in understanding more about cancer. Today I received… Continue reading Cure Magazine


My Support System

Mood: Grateful 🙂 Every cancer patient needs a good support system. I am very blessed to have many different moving parts to mine, and I feel that it is time to give them credit in not only helping me through my journey, but also being a constant in my life since I had the difficult… Continue reading My Support System


Taxol #11

Mood: Accomplished 😁 I have been doing OK since my last treatment. As usual I am tired, weak and run down. No amount of sleep or rest is enough at this point. I am tired of being tired.... Treatment went well today and it was quicker than normal because my nurse didn't see that I… Continue reading Taxol #11


I Have Cancer

February 28th, 2019 Mood: Terrified 😢 Matt and I got the call with the results from my biospy. Cancer in all 3 masses. Dr. Schwartz's office will call me tomorrow with an appointment for a Mammogram at the hospital. The hospital will not accept the imaging from the office I went to via my doctor.… Continue reading I Have Cancer


MRI Imaging Appointment

February 12th, 2019 Mood: Anxious 😟 So the nonexistent snow storm had my imaging appointment rescheduled twice. The pattern of everything taking so long is really going to set in now and it has been one of the many difficult things to deal with through this journey. I am not a patient person and I… Continue reading MRI Imaging Appointment


It’s Time to See My Doctor

February 1st, 2019 Mood: Scared 😢 Before Matt and I got married I had a small lump that I found during a self exam. I went to my gynecologist to see what it was not really knowing what to expect. I was too young to get a mammogram but she felt strongly that it was… Continue reading It’s Time to See My Doctor