My Treatment Plan

March 6th, 2019

Mood: Anxious 😧

We met with Dr. Schwartz today. He showed us what he will do during my surgery. He will make a larger cut than normal in my left breast, take the tumor out and lift my breast so it is more compact. He will also lift my right breast so that they are symmetrical and even in size. Lastly he will take the tumors out of my lymph nodes. It has been proven that chemo is not very effective on the type of cancer I have so it will not be necessary, but I will have 6 weeks of radiation once I have healed from my surgery which will take about a month.

After my mammogram next Wednesday I will go back to his office once he has reviewed the scans and we will schedule my surgery. He said that surgery should be the last week of March.

What do you think?

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