May 8th, 2019

Mood: Hopeful 😌

Matt & I went to my appointment for “chemo teaching” at my oncologists office today.

Our first stop was meeting with a nurse at my oncologists office. We went over some information concerning my chemo treatment and she gave Matt & I a lot of good information about what drugs I can take along with what will be prescribed to help me be more comfortable during my 20 weeks of treatment. She also talked to me about eating before treatment and diet/exercise after each treatment.

Our next stop was in the financial office to discuss what drugs are covered and which ones are not. I was expecting some big numbers but not quite what she told us. She is seeing what she can do and I am getting some additional information from the hospital but it looks like my chemo treatment could cost us as much as $45k, yes you did read that right….sigh… Before we left her office she gave us a bag of goodies, all things to help with my transition from now to going through chemo….soft slipper socks, lots of lip balms and various natural products for me to use like soap and deodorant. I am very impressed with the quality of the items and it was a completely unexpected gift.

Once we were done in the financial office we went to the Center for Cancer Care which is a resource office in the same building where the Breast Center is along with my oncologist and surgeon. We met with the on-site rep for the American Cancer Society and she gave us a packet of information along with another bag of goodies that included a blanket, colored pencils, a small pencil sharpener and a cool spiral book that has a calendar, lots of inspirational messages and a few pictures to color. She even had wigs in her office but I have already purchased a few. As we were leaving we checked the basket of knit hats in the waiting area that has always been empty when I have been there before, but they had about 6 of them this time. The knit hats are made by members of a local church and it was really touching to be able to pick one out to bring home.

Other than the financial part, it was a good visit that just reconfirmed with me that Gwinnett Medical Center, my doctors and their staff all care about my journey and making sure that I get through this. There are so many little things that they do that are so huge to me and I appreciate it so much!

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