Drains & Chemo Plan

May 3rd, 2019

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Today was a good day….I went to my surgeons office and had the 2nd drain and stitches removed….yay!! I am healing well and I will have another follow up appointment soon. I will also go back to my surgeon to have him put my port in for chemo.

I also went to see my oncologist and he gave me my plan for chemo. I will start chemo on May 23rd, the day after our 15th wedding anniversary. I will have 2 drugs for 4 treatments every other week for 2 months and then 1 drug for 12 treatments once a week for 12 weeks. My last treatment will be on October 3rd, with my reconstruction surgery sometime soon after that.

So why so much chemo?? Because the 18 lymph nodes that were removed during my surgery were all cancer, so there is a concern that I most likely do have tiny microscopic cancer cells in other locations in my body that are too small to show up on an ultrasound. It is not worth taking the chance to leave anything behind so I am going to have the most aggressive treatment and I am fine with that….I trust my doctors to get me past this.

My oncologist said that I shouldn’t have any problems with this treatment plan other than not feeling well at the beginning for several days after, but it is a double dose of drugs and that is why I will only go in every other week for that portion of treatment. He also said that the anti-nausea meds have come a long way in the last few years so my discomfort should be minimal especially with them giving me a dose of them when I go in for treatment as well as having a prescription at home.

At some point during my chemo treatment I will meet with my radiation oncologist to go over the plan for my radiation treatment which will be after my reconstruction surgery.

Whew…..still a long road that could even keep us in GA for Christmas but we are all excited about the plan and Matt and I are very pleased with my doctors.

What do you think?

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