Taxol #10 & My Birthday

Mood: Excited 😊

“You are in the double digits now!” That is what my oncologist said to me this past Thursday when I went in for my 10th treatment of Taxol….only 2 to go and then I will be done! 😁

Without a doubt this has been the most difficult part of my chemo treatments, 12 straight weeks of Taxol. The fatigue has been crippling at times to where I can barely get out of bed, can’t walk without my whole body hurting, can’t go up the stairs in our house without getting out of breath and my body aching. It’s hard to believe that I was running 20 to 30 minutes, 5 days a week and getting 10 flights of stairs in on my Fitbit, 5 times a week as well, before I had the energy drain from my body back in December of last year.

My energy disappearing so suddenly, felt like it happened overnight and I had a persistent cough at that time as well that was being treated by my doctor. Little did we know that those symptoms were the first signs that I was terribly sick and that I would find the first tumor in my breast a month later.

As far as my birthday goes, I can’t believe that I am 52 years old. Some days I feel much older but that is to be expected with my body and mind going through chemo. Thank God it will be over soon and then I can rest for a month before the next step….my 3rd and hopefully last surgery.

What do you think?

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