Follow-up with my Radiation Oncologist

December 5th, 2019

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Hi everyone! Sorry I have been so silent but I am still healing from surgery. I have a few areas that have been slow to heal and they are still causing me pain and discomfort from time to time.

I had my follow up appointment with my radiation oncologist this morning and she agreed that I am not fully healed yet. There are quite a few steps that they need to go through before they can start my treatment, so she texted my surgeon and he gave the OK for them to do the first step. So today they did some measuring and worked on where they will be treating me. I will be going back on the 16th to go through the next step which will involve doing a few x-rays and more plotting to get me ready for treatment.

My surgeon has to release me so I can start radiation, so at this point I do not know when I will start, but my radiation oncologist said that if I don’t start the week of the 16th it will most likely be the following week, Christmas week. I am bummed that I may need to wait another two weeks before starting treatment but there is nothing I can do, my body is in charge right now and it is fighting to heal me. On a positive note, she did say that for three weeks out from having a major surgery, all in all everything looks really good!

Next Wednesday I have another follow up appointment with my surgeon, so we see what he says after he examines me. I am praying I will be healed enough to start radiation treatment but I am not convinced that I will be.

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