Last Radiation Treatment: **WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS**

Mood: Excited! 😁

Today I had my final radiation treatment! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to finally have all of my treatments over with both chemotherapy and radiation!

The last few days of treatment were hard on me. My chest is red and bumpy, but it doesn’t hurt at all so I am happy about that. The redness is from the collar bone to the middle of my chest so it’s not exactly unnoticeable. But, in the last few weeks I have had a few sutures come out that were under my breast. When the sutures came out they broke my skin so I am red and in a little bit of pain in those places from the radiation. The good news is that In about 6 weeks I should be healed up and back to normal.

All in all, radiation treatment was not bad. The treatment itself is not painful at all and as long as I applied the medicated lotion 3 times a day to the treatment area I was not in any discomfort from the radiation. A few weeks ago I developed some back pain from the treatment table but that was because I have scoliosis and laying on the table day after day eventually caused my back to hurt. My time on the treatment table was not long, on average it was about 15 minutes, and it seemed like that amount of time was pretty standard.

I am tired both mentally and physically, and I am really feeling all that my body has been through over the last year. I will recover with time and I hope to go back to being active and enjoying life again, eventually. It has been a long year….it was just about a year ago today when I found the first tumor in my breast….

Next up….I am seeing my oncologist tomorrow to talk about going on hormone therapy.

Red rash from 25 radiation treatments

Full view of the red area, collar bone to breast

I am finally done and I had the best nurse ever! I will miss you Tania!

Ringing the bell!

Hubby & I so happy to have this part of the journey over!

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