Taxol #7

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I have been battling a nasty cold for the last few days so I have been concerned as to if I would have my chemo today. After my blood was drawn we waited to talk to my oncologist; I need to have good numbers in order to have treatment, so I was anxious for him to come in to the room and give me my results. Luckily my numbers are good considering I have been through Taxol treatments each week for the last 6 weeks. He said that I am a little anemic but that is to be expected with this many treatments done. He said that the anemia & fatigue should go away very quickly once I have completed my last treatment in October.

Once he listened to my heart & lungs, which sounded good, he reiterated that I am doing really well with the treatments. I haven’t had any neasea or mouth sores, my food doesn’t taste off, like metal or dirt and I have not had any neuropathy. He said that the neuropathy would have started by now if I was going to develop it, so I most likely I will not have to deal with it…..let’s hope so!

The fatigue is worse this time around, especially a few days before treatment. It literally hurts my legs and slightly winds my breathing to go up one flight of stairs in the house. To think that right before this journey started, I was running 10 flights of stairs and running 30 minutes or more, 5 days a week with my Fitbit, seems like it was someone else, not me and not the exhausted body that I have right now. I will get back to my routine, little by little, as soon as my body will let me.

In the meantime I have been watching the steroids and stress put weight on me since chemo started. Last week I weighed in at my heaviest so far and I decided that enough is enough. This week I went back to cleaner eating….only having breakfast if I am hungry, having salad for lunch, having a healthy snack between lunch and dinner if I am hungry and having protein and veggies for dinner….I lost 4lbs this week, only making those changes. Am I eating perfectly? That depends on what you think clean eating is, but no I am not and that’s OK, I just wanted to reign things in a bit while my energy is so low. So, from the last 5 weeks of my Taxol treatments, up until my next surgery, I will continue eating this way and I will see how much more I can lose. After that, I will see how much more I will need to lose to get me to my end goal for next May…..the big event! 💕

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  1. Thank you for the update and I’m so very glad you’re treatment is working so far. I don’t know what big event you’re planning next May but I bet it all works out for you!

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