Radiation Oncologist Appointment

Mood: Frustrated 😕

Last Monday I saw my Radiation Oncologist after my treatment. From now moving forward, I will see her every Monday so she can see how I am doing with my treatments. It will also give me the chance to chat with her and tell her about any concerns I have.

For the first time, she saw my tattoos for my treatment, there are 3 of them strategically placed so they can line me up on the machine for treatment, and she apologized to me for them being so large. They shouldn’t be any larger than this…but mine are 3 times that size. Now I will have to deal with finding someone to remove them. I am hoping that I can have the removal done and healed before our trip in mid-May {my husband & I are renewing our vows in Jamaica, a trip we had to reschedule for next year due to my breast cancer diagnosis. 😕} Worse comes to worse I will cover the most noticeable one on my breast during our ceremony and when we are at dinner each night.

My conversation with her about my tattoos really saddened me, as the thought of needing to find yet another doctor to put me through even more treatments is overwhelming at this point. When I see her tomorrow I will ask her how long I will have to wait to have the tattoos removed once I am done with my radiation treatments. I will want to move quickly if I can have them removed soon after my treatments end.

Tomorrow is treatment #7 out of 25….I am getting there. My treatments will go much quicker once I am past New Year’s as I will be going every Monday through Friday, no more holidays to work around.

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