Follow-up with My Oncologist

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Sorry…this post was scheduled to publish back on October 6th, but apparently, it didn’t show up in my blog…

I had a great check-up with my oncologist on October 6th! My white blood cell count is finally in the normal range…yay! My red blood cell count is still a little low, but it is nothing to be overly concerned about….I had a feeling that it was still down because I am continuing to deal with fatigue. There isn’t much I can do to help my immune system get back to normal other than what I am already doing. My body needs more time to heal from everything that I have been through, and he reminded me again that everything having to do with my treatments and surgeries has been a trauma to my whole being. Time, I just need more time….

I am doing well on my medication. I do not have any side effects to speak of now, so that has been a relief. Ten years is a long time to take medication, and sometimes it makes me sad that I have a little pill that I take daily that reminds me of everything that I have been through up until now but, I can’t imagine not taking it. I will never understand it, but many women opt out of taking hormone-based chemotherapy drugs. In my case, I would never forgive myself if my breast cancer returned and I couldn’t say that I had done everything possible to keep it from returning.

To end my appointment, we went over my mammogram and ultrasound results from August. He agreed with my surgeon that everything looks good and that I do not need to be concerned about the cysts. I would be lying if I said that I am not a little concerned in the back of my mind no matter what I am told, but I think that is normal for any cancer patient. Once we were done with our discussion and my questions about the cysts, he was pleased to tell me that I am officially cancer-free!! 💕 What an amazing feeling it was to hear him say that!

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