1 Year Update: Reconstruction, Breast Reduction & Port Removal Surgery **WARNING: GRAPHIC SURGERY PHOTOS**

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If you have not read my previous entries about this particular surgery, including photos, the links are listed below in order.

Reconstruction, Breast Reduction & Port Removal Surgery



On November 14th, 2019, I headed into surgery for the third time. I was excited about this surgery because my surgeon was fixing my lopsided chest. When I had my first surgery, he was removing cancer and planning for the reconstruction surgery that I would go through after chemotherapy. Now that chemotherapy was over, and we had given my body time to get rid of all of the drugs from sixteen treatments, I was ready for surgery.

As I said in my previous post about this surgery, my surgeon checked in on me before the surgery; he measured me, referenced his notes and pictures, and explained again in detail what he would be doing. He could see that I was nervous, so he assured me that while this would be my longest surgery to date, three to four hours, he was not worried about it at all and that I shouldn’t be worried either…I would be just fine, and as before, I would get through the surgery easily.

Recovering from this surgery, as far as pain was concerned, was not as difficult as recovering from my cancer surgery. I didn’t have any drains to deal with, which was great, but this time both of my breasts were opened up. I had cuts and sutures all over my chest, and coping with the trama of how I looked was difficult. I felt ugly, like I was a stitched up monster, so it was tough to look at myself in a mirror for the first few weeks of recovery.

Now it has been a year since this surgery, and I can’t believe how much my scars have faded! As time goes by, I am sure that my scars will fade even more; using Bio-Oil a few times a week seems to have helped immensely. 🙂

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