2nd Follow-up Appointment with My Surgeon **WARNING: GRAPHIC SURGERY PHOTOS**

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On Monday I had my second follow-up appointment with my surgeon to remove the two drains and to take a look at the steri-strips that are still in place from my surgery two weeks ago.

It didn’t really hurt when he pulled the tubing out of my chest from the drains, it was more of a strange sensation than pain. I felt tugging, not a sharp pain at all, but it was uncomfortable even though he told me as he was doing each step to remove them.

Each time I winced he apologized, which was comforting as it reminds me of why I like my surgeon so much, his compassion and caring is undeniable. He put some ointment on the wounds, covered them with gauze, taped them down and told me that I could take the guaze off the following evening. Unlike previous surgeries, there would be no need to continue to bandage those areas which was a relief.

I can shower normally now and as I do the steri-strips will start to lift and fall off. He said to let them peel off on their own and that he would see me again in two weeks to take a look at how I have healed.

With this being my 4th surgery within a little over a year I have learned that every surgery is different. I have learned that there are surgeons, doctors and nurses that really care about their patients and that you can lean on them and trust them. Cancer is scary enough on its own but if you can trust your medical team with your life that is a huge part of facing the journey and coming out on the other side as a survivor.

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